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The Typos project

Digital technology, internet network connection, big data, digital marketing IoT internet

The ways of working, the environments in which people operate and communicate, data management and protection issues,generate needs that are changing rapidly everywhere; services and technologies for the operation of organisations, both large and small, are the a key enabler.


Typos Holding's mission is to create a leader in the industry,  able to support its customer base in choosing the right mix of innovation and sustainability, based on  their current and future needs.


We do that thanks to a strong and capillar presence in the areas of Italy where the most of business and innovation is concentrated, creating a virtuous circle in which each Group company, while maintaining its identity, can leverage for its customers base, the synergies of economic and managerial resources, and the sharing of vertical skills.

Typos Holding is already the leading multibrand network in the Printing and Document Management Industry in Italy and its offer is based on three pillars: Printing and Document Management (Office and Professional) , ICT solutions and Visual Display & Collaboration;  five leading organization in the North/North East of Italy has been acquired with a build up strategy since 2020.

The local markets in which companies operate account for more than a third of Italy's GDP and more than 40% of its exports, and its customer base is representative of the country's industrial and commercial backbone.

It is an industrial project launched in 2020 by the Star Capital Private Equity Fund, which has been active for over 20 years in investing in Italian SMEs with over EUR 400 million raised from private and institutional investors.

abstract Background
Fondo di Private Equity Star Capital

Typos Holding key data


Million Euro


Expected growth 2024





Our business areas

Printing and Document


ICT Solutions

8% Visual&Other

A group of local leading companies, passionate teams who cares for their customers, proposing innovative and sustainable solutions, and offering a responsive and professional service.

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