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A long term relationship with the main players in the industry and with a broad customer base allows us to grasp in time the increasingly rapid evolution of needs and opportunities related to work environments and to propose the most suitable solutions.

We work for the future of work.

Some of our best partners

Some of the customers who chose us

Our offer is constantly evolving on three pillars: 

Printing and Document Management

Printing and Document Management

 Visual Display & Collaboration

Visual Display & Collaboration

 ICT Solutions

ICT Solutions

Our Main Partners

Printing and Document Management

Printing and Document Management Market in Italy is worth ca 1.65 bio Euros; since 2020 is substantially stable with an evolving mix between Hardware, Consumable and Solutions ( source AssoIT).  
Typos companies originated from this world and over the years have developed the in-depth expertise needed in an industry that has continuously evolved on today's most topical fronts: digitisation, data management, sustainability and reliability of technological equipment are issues that the Managed Printing Services industry has been addressing for decades.

Today, these companies, which together manage a fleet of more than 15,000 devices, thanks to their processes, are able to offer truly customised solutions, from the large company to the professional, both technologically and financially. It is the only Group in Italy that operates in a coordinated multi-brand logic on such a large and differentiated fleet, ensuring customers in the territory a continuous service.


Decades of partnership with the world's leading vendors and the commercial and technical specialisation of our teams  have enabled Typos companies to develop long-term relationships with more than 5000 customers.

Some units over time have also developed specific technical skills in the Professional world (Graphic Arts and Printing Centres) and today,  Typos manages more than 150 so colled PRO devices 

ICT Solutions

ICT market in Italy is worth more than 64 Euro Bio  with a 2023 growth of ca 3% thanks both to private and public investments

(Source: Assinform, excluding digital content and ADV).

More than a third of the Group's activities are developed by offering companies IT products and services.

Devices such as PCs, Notebooks, Workstations, Networks, IT Infrastructures (and virtualisation of the same) , and services focused mainly on data management and cybersecurity.

We work with the world's leading vendors, and with specialised in-house units to support the customer in design, installation, service and maintenance.

server e computer

Visual Display & Collaboration

The demand for solutions for communication and collaboration devices and softwares is growing double digit in all B2B segments, both due to the development of the hybrid way of working and the evolution of internal and business communication.

Typos companies, collaborating with the best specialised players in the industry, design and install solutions that integrate the best of Video, Audio and Software solutions for different types of needs, including user training.

Meeting Rooms/Training Rooms/Conference Rooms

Workspace management 
Visual Display and Digital Signage projects

Visual Internal Communication within production sites and industries such as healthcare, hospitality, education 

Some of our Clients

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